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Transparent plastic box optional material: (PVC, PET, PP, etc), material has good transparency and good protection.

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– We can make packaging as per your request and design.
– The transparent plastic box can be made of different thickness of the material, with different size, different printing and design.
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transparent plastic box
Product name: Transparent plastic boxMaterial: PP, PET, PVC, PS, etcPlastic type option: 100% vigin / recycled plastics
Usage: to pack different types productsColour: Clear / PrintedSize: Customized to fit your products
Design: Customized good looking designsMaterial thickness: CustomizedCertificate: ROHS, SGS, ISO, FDA (for foods pack)
MOQ: 1000 PCS/designDelivery time: 4 daysSample: available, sample is free

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transparent plastic box
transparent plastic box

What’s the transparent plastic box’s Features & Benefits?

  • Very clearly, products inside can be seen clearly.
  • Safe and good quality plastic material
  • Made from high quality, scratch resistant clear plastic material
  • Soft folding technology makes assembly simple and easy
  • High impact resistant formulation means they won’t crack or become brittle
  • Anti-static plastic reduces static charge build-up
  • Lead & phthalate-free
  • Stores and ships flat to save on shipping and storage costs

We are a leading manufacturer and wholesaler for transparent plastic box

We’re a superb supplier, manufacturer of the transparent plastic box, available for box design, with quite 25 years experience.

The transparent plastic box is light in weight and has high transparency. These are its biggest advantages. We’ll design the box that accurately fits your product for you, making your product more attractive in our packaging box. We’ll do the box design for you. We are the only thinkers about technology and craftsmanship. We produce high-quality customized transparent boxes for you. Usually, the materials used for transparent boxes are PVC / PET / PP, etc. We are a long-term packaging supplier for several famous global brands and also the world’s top 500 companies. We’ll make a box design for all customers.

Our factory is specialized in making plastic boxes & plastic cases, clear plastic folding boxes, clear box, printed box, PVC boxes, PET boxes, and plastic PP Boxes. We’ve been producing and wholesaling clear plastic boxes for several retail industries.

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Our products are widely used for hardware, medicines, gifts, cosmetics, foods, stationery, electronics, and toys, etc.

Printing Options:
– Offset printing
– Silk-screen printing
– Foil stamping
– Other special effects printing

Sample lead time:
Usually, 3 days to make the sample.

Production lead time:
Usually, 100 thousand pieces clear box in 3 days


ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, FDA, GMP, RoHS, REACH, SGS


Classification and selection of transparent plastic box packaging

Packaging is a larger type of assembly, which includes a wide variety of packaging products and product packaging.

The classification of transparent plastic box packaging is a scientific method to select appropriate signs according to a certain purpose and divide the overall packaging into several parts with more consistent characteristics, until it is divided into the smallest unit with obvious characteristics.

For example, according to actual needs, packaging products can be systematically divided into different categories, groups, varieties, specifications, etc. according to the statistical grouping method.

The scientific classification of transparent plastic box is of great significance to the design, production, application and management of packaging

The scientific classification of transparent plastic box is of great significance to the design, production, application and management of packaging

(1) It is convenient for packaging R & D departments and packaging industry management agencies to formulate long-term and short-term plans for the development of packaging.

(2) Facilitate the formulation, implementation and supervision of packaging policies, packaging regulations and packaging standards.

(3) Facilitate the division of labor and collaboration in the packaging industry and implement modern management.
For example, market research, information management, accounting, statistics, allocation, storage, transportation, sales, and new product development are all related to the scientific classification of packaging.
Especially since the infiltration of electronic technology into the field of modern economic management, microcomputers have become an important tool for improving management levels.
The system’s hierarchical packaging classification is one of the basic tasks of compiling computer input programs.

(4) It is convenient for packaging research, packaging exhibition, academic exchange and packaging education.

How to choose the transparent plastic box packaging classification suitable for your product

The primary issue in determining the transparent plastic box classification method is to select the appropriate classification mark.
The classification mark is the standard on which classification is based.

There are many signs that can be used for classification, and there are three main categories:

One is the characteristic mark, which mainly expresses the characteristics of various types of packaging in words. Most classification methods use this type of mark.

The second is the quantity sign, which mainly uses numbers to express the characteristics of different packages.

The third is a comprehensive logo, which combines text and data to express the characteristics of packaging.

Depending on the materials used, these material elements can also be added to the transparent plastic box packaging manufacturing process: paper, metal, glass, ceramics, wood, fiber products, composite materials, and other natural materials.

Classification based on the characteristics of transparent plastic box packaging containers

(1) According to the structure of the packaging container, it can be divided into: box packaging, bag packaging, bottle packaging, can packaging, altar cylinder packaging, tube packaging, tray packaging, barrel packaging, Basket packaging and other types.

(2) According to the rigidity of the packaging container, it can be divided into: flexible packaging, hard packaging and semi-rigid packaging.

(3) According to the structural characteristics of the packaging container, it can be divided into: fixed packaging, detachable packaging, and folding packaging.

Clear plastic box is produced mainly by plastic material PVC, PET, PP etc